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Tuesday, May 22, 2018

this week blog

This week on writing, we worked very hard to think about the event and to write a RECOUNT! Recount is a essay that puts the description and what we really did (event).  The first Recount was about wizard of oz. I didn't really know how to write, because it was the first time I wrote that.  I didn't really had a description. I just had Action and Feeling. It was really funny that time. I learned after the mistake that I took. I learned that it is okay and we can learn, be more great  when we take mistakes. This is the example of the recount sentence. "nervous and also fabilish, happy day"
I hope you have a fabilish happy day!

Friday, May 11, 2018

math blog

This week in math we learned about measurements. such as weight, area, length. there were more but this is the most measurements that we studied. Next we did a measurement station such as volume, mass, Kool-Aid, time and temperature. First day I went to Kool-Aid station.  We need to make our own recipe of Kool-Aid. That means we need to taste it all the time when we make. First time, I failed because it was really watery. Second time it was too surgery what a bad maker! but I finally recognized what to do. Not much water and Not much Kool-Aid powder. So at the third time I made my own recipe. It was 15ml of powder and 200ml of water. then it will be not so surgery or not so watery. I was really proud of my self that time.
 The next day, Seo Yeon and I went to temperature station. we went to our side and first measure the outside temperature. it was about 31 degrees. Next we measured the cold water. I cannot remember the temperature.:((((( 

Thursday, April 12, 2018

about this week(30)

On literacy we did a response writing about music concert. It was hard to judge about the event which is the music concert. The intro and body part was easy because I can just write what i did and a little bit of judge words.  but I didn't know how to judge the event. I took a lot of time and finally I finished the conclusion part. I learned that it is very hard to do response and took a lot of time because the judge words are very hard like disturbing, amazing and something else. also I learned the response's purpose . the purpose is to give an opinion in the text. now I wonder why is the judgement words so hard and who made the judgement words? I am curious to find out!

On UOI we did the SMART goal worksheet. Mrs. Ronke and Mrs. Kristi helped us. but we didn't finished yet. the one issue that we had was the 1 group in Mrs. Ronke's class's action was the same as our group's action. so we chooses to have a 1 big group with them. I learned that it is really hard to cooperate because our ideas are all different. Now I wonder why are we doing PYPX exhibition? and why do we take actions.

On math we did a unicorn problem. We need to answer the question of what is the biggest idea

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Music concert response essay

 Music concert

At  March 15th all the grade 5 and  grade 4 singed, play instruments in the UNIS theater. plus one of the grade 5 class did a basketball performance. We performed to show our talent to parents. It was good to show our talent but it was terrible. All the students taking mistake at the string.  On the other hand the band did well.

 Grade 5 band started to play. they dressed with White Black or awesome dresses. they played 2~3 songs. It was mixed with amazing sounds which is Flute, trumpet, and something else. They played humor and famous songs. I thought it was as best song to play with band. Everyone looked proudly. including me. First song, they played with happiness. there was blissful accord. but at second and third song was a bit bad. They might be tired of playing and blowing. It is bit dizzy if they blow hard. they might blow hard. all the band did well. it was absolutely great!

Next was grade 5 string. I was in string. First was cello. they they did 2 songs. the first and second songs was terrible. the cello sounded like I am tired. maybe they was so nervous because more then 50 eyes are staring at them. Next was violin. I was in violin. The first song was great. but I forgot the second song so I just see what other students did and copy them. I am sure that I memorize it. I was nervous maybe I was very nervous so I just forgot the second song. another problem was the piano was too fast so we need to rush. so it sound like we are rushing. I was contrite.

In my opinion, It was really terrible. I thought that the music concert was really good because all the parents can see what we did. but we just rushed so I was disturbing. At grade six it might be all right.

(Tomorrow I will put why It was terrible also I need to finish the conclusion)

Thursday, March 22, 2018

PYPX exhibition reflection

This week we were very busy to do PYPX. we started with Ms.Conroy. She helped us to make our macro sentences in information report. She said that we have make our goals first.  so we made our goal. our goal is we want to say volunteers to help children who don't have any education. After making goals I was very impressed. but we didn't know how can we start on information report. and our group said that macro sentences are lines of inquire. so I was so confused.

We first started with our macro sentence. but it was kind of weird. so we changed to "there are many children who can't go school." it was fine. And than we started body part. we each wrote a paragraph that we researched. Q.N and Xavier started  but I didn't do anything. I didn't know how to start. It was the same problem when we started doing intro. I finally started. but that was time that Q.N and Xavier was almost finished. I wrote faster and faster with no stuck. And finally we all finished.

I was so proud of my group. but there was some problems. our group was so happy that they are so silly. they played with their computer even we didn't finished our conclusion. so I was trying to say we need to have conclusion, but they didn't listened. so I was kind of mad. so that was the 1 problem. other one was all great. we are doing well. expect we have different ideas so it is kind of middle. but it is still ok. I wish we cooperate all the time.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Music concert

 Today was very nervous music concert. Grade 4 and 5 was only doing the music concert. First the grade 5 band was doing (I am string). And then it was grade 5 string. I was in string. I was not really good at violin and I didn't really memorize it so I was so nervous than last grade 4 concert. After the cello started I was so nervous that I felt like there is butterfly in my stomach. after cello finished I started to go. last time, I felt the stage was so small but today It felt like the stage was huge like giant. the song of the piano started. I also started the violin. that time after I started I didn't felt anything. but the sound was more cool than yesterday. after we finished the violin, there was a strong clap from all the parents.

 after grade 4 doing a quiar we also did a combine song. "Have you ever seen the rain?" that was a combine song. It was a nervous and happy day

please if you want to see go to drive.google.com/drive/folders.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

PYP exhibition

This week grade 5 was busy doing PYP exhibition. PYP exhibition is about passion. so we need to connect passion with social issue and SDG. It was challenging to do it because we need to connect with SDG and social issue.

so I am telling you that our exhibition is Passion+issue=action. So my passion is make the earth clean and my issue is in Pu Chc I was surprised because the ocean was so dirty. there was many trashes. my possible action is I can pick up the trash.

I hope the group is good!