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About Me

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Music concert

 Today was very nervous music concert. Grade 4 and 5 was only doing the music concert. First the grade 5 band was doing (I am string). And then it was grade 5 string. I was in string. I was not really good at violin and I didn't really memorize it so I was so nervous than last grade 4 concert. After the cello started I was so nervous that I felt like there is butterfly in my stomach. after cello finished I started to go. last time, I felt the stage was so small but today It felt like the stage was huge like giant. the song of the piano started. I also started the violin. that time after I started I didn't felt anything. but the sound was more cool than yesterday. after we finished the violin, there was a strong clap from all the parents.

 after grade 4 doing a quiar we also did a combine song. "Have you ever seen the rain?" that was a combine song. It was a nervous and happy day

please if you want to see go to drive.google.com/drive/folders.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

PYP exhibition

This week grade 5 was busy doing PYP exhibition. PYP exhibition is about passion. so we need to connect passion with social issue and SDG. It was challenging to do it because we need to connect with SDG and social issue.

so I am telling you that our exhibition is Passion+issue=action. So my passion is make the earth clean and my issue is in Pu Chc I was surprised because the ocean was so dirty. there was many trashes. my possible action is I can pick up the trash.

I hope the group is good!

PYPX group and all of things

Finally the group was choosed. It was xavier, Quang Nhat and Jingyun. 3 boys and 1 girl was not really good. So that time I felt half mad and half not really good. but after team work activity, it was not really bad. we all cooperated and shared ideas.

I researched in my home about all of things that connect with . finally we made our centrul Idea. It was Access to education and literacy can affect our lives. Mr. delen helped us, but I'm still proud of my group.

I want to improve our group's listening skill and communication skill.
It will be better! (I wish)

Thursday, February 8, 2018

my UOI summative assessment

This week we started planing and doing summative assessment. First I planed to do made up country. But I resized that to do made up country i need to spend a lot of time and I need to think a lot. So next I changed to hospital. My hospital's name is Kelly's Medical Center. It was hard to create our own system. But I did until Responsibilities. Now I need to finish effection. this is my form.

You can't really see my summative assessment form. but this is my form. form with my words is this.
First the boss of the Hospital looks around and see it is fine. Beside the boss, there is making healthy food which is county care. County care makes healthy food for patients. Beside county care there is money collection. Money collection collect all the money and give equally to all the doctors and nurses. Also bottom of the county care, there is equipment system. They brings and find all the equipment that we need. Bottom of the equipment system, there is gathering system. The gathering system gathers all the doctors and nurses. Beside there is six systems.
So this is my form in my words again. I still need to finish on my weekend.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

finished the South Korea government structure

Before last week, we researched our home country structure. I did South Korea which is my home country. And I finished this week. Our National assembly and Mr.Nathan said we must finish our discussion essay and our home country. Because Mr.Nathan said that Mr.Nathan will show South Korea government structure to our parents on this Thursday. so we must finish on Tuesday and Wednesday. I didn't finished on Tuesday so I did at my home. After I finished at home, which is Wednesday I did finished citation.


after I finished South Korea government structure I was so proud of my self. It was more then that feeling. Finally I learned that Korea government structure is very complicated and I also learned that there is many similarity and difference between other country government structure.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

writing discussion essay

Last week we was reading a discussion essay called Megacity. But this week our class wrote a draft of the discussion essay. My discussion essay title is should students have to read books. it was hard to do it because I can't find the arguments against. And I need to do what the Mr.Nathan said. like this.
I did everything execpt for the macro sentence. It taked for ever to finish the draft. I didn't finish yet. I wonder how can I write the third macro sentence.
I was not successful because my goal was to finish the draft perfectly. But I didn't did even the macro sentence. I want to finish it until next week! ( my goal: finish it until next week )

Thursday, January 18, 2018

this week Literacy

This week in literacy we read essay about the Megacites. and after reading megacites essay we discuss about the megacites purpose and structure. First our class made a group with 3 or 4. My group was Seo Yeon and Kate. we went to a corner that it is quiet. And we read 1 paragraph each. It was hard to read, because the migacites essay word was too hard for me. I thought that I need to improve my English. but Kate and Seo Yeon taught me how to say the words. Kate taught me the meaning of the words that I didn't know. So I am so thankful to Seo Yeon and  Kate. Anyways after reading the essay about the Megacites we all meet together and we started to think the purpose which is point of view and structure which is body part and introduction part.
It was kind of hard for me to find purpose and structure. because to find in the hard essay( Megacities ) is very hard I think. My question is why do we need purpose and structure in the discussion essay?