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Thursday, January 11, 2018

government unit opinions

After winter break we started the new unit called Government.. While learning about government we researched the new words about the government.
1. Monarchy
2. Anarchy
3. dictatorship
4. democracy
these are the words that we researched about government unit. so First what I researched about monarchy was this.

  • Group of governments or the form of governments
  • Total rule by one person
  • Group of governments but single person
and the Anarchy is this.

  • Anarchy means the condition of a country where there is no government.
  • There is Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Luxembourg in anarchy.
  • Anarchy in Korean is 무정부 상태.
  • Anarchy synonym is revolution
  • Anarchy root is an-without archy- leader so it is without leader
  • Anarchy means there is no leader which is no government.

so this is anarchy and dictatorship is this.

  • Leadership by one person total power
  • A dictator or a small group
  • A dictatorship in Korean is 절대권
  • The office of a dictator
  • Country or a group of countries ruled by one person or by politely and power
  • The group of leader

At last the democracy!

  • Government by people
  • Rule of the majority
  • In Korean democracy is 민주주의
  • Everyone
  • The choice is in people
  • Power to the people
I learned a lot of things about this unit. It was very interesting! I like it:)

Thursday, December 7, 2017

shark tank before presentation

Our group is finally getting ready for the shark tank presentation. I don't really know what shark tank is... but anyway our group was ready for shark tank presentation. Our group which is Fame Talya, Me and Matias  was doing nuclear energy. We did a slide show to present to class. Here is the slide show cover picture.
First our group didn't know what to do. So we first had a many documents. And now we changed to the slide show. But now it is challenging to answer the shark tank questions. It is why nuclear energy is the best, what if there was no nuclear energy in the world, how does the nuclear energy affect the society and how does it work. If our group were not successful we could find out why it doesn't work. I am felling good that we finished our slide show. One thing that we did good was researching. We already studied about nuclear energy and I already wrote a informational report with Mika about nuclear power. Last My role was to help research, and slide show! I still want to know who made or find nuclear power.

I believe that we will also do well at presentation:)

Friday, December 1, 2017

Math with parents

Yesterday and today it was a open door day. On open door day parents come into our classroom and work together. My mom didn't came yesterday because she had a work to do. But she came today, to see how am I doing well. I was kind of nervous because I was confused at the math and parents are looking at us. my mom was teaching me and Seo Yeon to understand the math problem. like this.

the problem was about kool-aid. It was so much hard that everyone can't solve it. My mom taught how to do it. After my mom taught the problem, we just got the answer. It was easy. We also presented how we just solved this problem. But I didn't said anything because I didn't know what to say also my mom was taking a video. but it was a fun day!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Narrative blog ( the poor man and the kind girl)

Narrative blog

Our class was writing Narrative about 2 or 3 weeks. the narrative was all about bench and suitcase. and after 2 and 3 weeks, our classmates all published(also me)!!!! my narrative title is the poor boy and the kind girl. First writing  was a bad story. So I revised and edited. And now my story is a perfect. Here is my story.

It is hardly to see but anyway I just revised little parts. 
Next time I would change the conflict (problem). because my conflict is not really intrusting. but I think I did well at my resolution. It end with a happy ending. It was challenging to add moral.


The poor boy and the kind girl
BY Kelly
Once, there was a girl called Rosie. She lived in America. She was 13 years old. She  was kind and pretty. She loved to give happiness to someone, but she was so lonely because her mom and her dad were dead. She was not married So she was alone.

It was a sunny day, Rosie woke up at 9AM. She went to a table to eat breakfast. She sang a song alone and thought about the people that she helped. She finally ate all of the breakfast. She changed the clothes that she loved. She brushed her teeth. She was ready to go help somebody.

Rosie was outside of the house. She looked around. There was a road that she never went down. She was so scared to go but she was a risk-taker so she went to the road. There was a bench. Someone was sitting on the bench. It was a boy who looked like Rosie’s age. He was dirty and looked poor.

“ Please give me money,” he said.

But Rosie didn’t have money.

“ sorry but I don’t have money,” Rosie said.

She thought and thought what to do. Also she wanted to know his name. So first she decide to ask his name.

“What’s your name?” asked Rosie.
“My name is Jake.” said the boy.

 At that time, Jake was starving. The only thing she had was a big piece of an apple. Finally, she handed the apple to Jake.

“Thank you,” Jake said.
Rosie didn’t say anything. She just smiled. she was feeling more comfortable because she just helped someone. He started to eat. While he was eating Rosie waited and looked at him. He ate so fast that she couldn’t see his hand. When he finished the apple, his face was filled with a smile. After all that happened, Rosie liked Jake and Jake also liked her.

 After 10 years, they got married. Rosie was not alone. She was married and she was having a baby!
Now they were living happily ever after. She realized that you don’t need money to be kind.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Electricity unit

after migration unit we are having a new unit witch is electricity unit. We research about electricity. Now we are reflecting the electricity picture here it goes!

This is the picture I choose. 

I see...:  I see how electricity goes to the house, I see the electric line, I see how it goes

 I think... : I think if the world don't have a electricity we can't do anything, I think the electricity is very important to our life, I think there is place that there is no electricity

I wander...: I wander that how did electricity work, I wander that How does the electricity made of

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Migration story reflection

Friday 27th of October was a presenting migration story date. And that was today!!! 1 week ago we choose the migration story character. like family members or famous people. I did MIla Kunis. first I didn't even know who she was. But I choose her because it was just fit to me. not too hard and not too easy. But the problem was Ester was doing the same character. Also in 5B there was two people doing the same. But I didn't care of it. I just keep going. Finally It was today. time was so fast. First 5B and 5C presented. MY friend was all so good at it. That time I was kind of sad. After I vidio tape it was 5A and 5D turn. my mom came. I was so hot and nervous at the same time. when I start to tell my migration story I didn't feel anything. but after I finish my last sentence, I was proud of my self. I did like this.After my mom came many people came. friend and teachers. I learned that we need a confidence when we present. 

Practice and practice will make you confidence.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Research on migration story

We did a research on the migration story of that you want to find out. I did the Harry Potter author J.K Rowling. SeoYeon did the long walk to water author. I get the J.K Rowling idea from SeoYeon is doing. I did the first page like this.

At the top I wrote a wonder. I wrote How can people change their money when they are migrating? beside that I wrote a J.K Rowling. After that I wrote What I already know about J.K Rowling. So I wrote J.K Rowling is a author of Harry Potter. And something else. Then I wrote what do I want to find out. Also the key words that I will research. At the back page I have to find out about J.K Rowling migration story but I couldn't find the migration story of J.K Rowling.  So I didn't did the back page. It was blank. 

I learned that finding and researching is so hard. But it is also kind of fun.